Boston Bay is one of South Australia's most beautiful bays and deep water harbors, it is three times the size of Sydney Harbour. Sitting on the edge of the Bay is the township of Port Lincoln, and sitting in between the town and the Bay is a walking trail known as Parnkalla Trail.

Photo: Di Dennis- Sign near Shelley Beach

The trail was named after the Aboriginal tribe for whom Dreaming was about the beauty of Port Lincoln. You can join the trail at many different entrances along the 35 km trail, the difficulty of the walk is classed as easy; so the kids can enjoy the walk or even ride their bike. You can stop along the way to play at the many beaches, find shells, watch boats go by, watch the marine life or even have a paddle in the shallows.

Photo: Di Dennis- The Boat Slipway

The Parnkalla trail is dog on lead friendly and I often take my very friendly Staffy, as there are plenty of good sniffs and free pats along the way. The trail stretches all around the coastline of Port Lincoln through the Marina on one side and all the way to North Shields on the other.

Photo: Di Dennis- Over looking the beach

‚ÄčThe Parnkalla Trail is a must do during your stay, if you wish to take in our native wildlife, amazing coastal views, enjoy a lovely walk & enjoy learning about Port Lincolns history.

Photo: Di Dennis- View from the rocky beach, looking towards Boston Island

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