Recipe by Tony Ford of Boston Bay Wines

The quality of the tuna will make or break this recipe. Inferior cuts are not suitable. Akami is preferred for this recipe.
1/2 cup light soya sau let (500 grams), cut into desired length/ shape
1/2 cup light soya
1/4 honey
200g sesame seeds
Knob of butter
Wasabi paste

Marinate the tuna pieces for half an hour in a mixture of 1/2 cup light soya and 1/4 cup of honey. Sear for three seconds each side of the tuna on a flat hot pan with a knob of butter. Place back in marinade and chill for ten minutes to thicken the honey. Toast sesame seeds in a moderate oven, stirring until golden brown. It is important to take the time to toast the seeds until a tan colour. Use the marinade in a similar fashion to an egg wash to coat the tuna and them crumb the tuna with the sesame seeds and wrap tightly in glad wrap. Chill for 10 minutes then remove the glad wrap and carefully slice tuna. Avoid seeds on the face of each slice. Garnish with wasabi and light soya. 

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Info & photos: The Eyre Peninsula Culinary Adventure Guide- Australia's Seafood Frontier-

*Subject to availability of local produce- Guide used was produced in 2014- produce easily substituted, if you have difficulty with this just, ask us and we will endeavour to help you out.