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Our Rare Australian Sea Lions

Some amazing facts provided by Rodney Fox Great White Expeditions. Book a trip and stay a little longer to enjoy our magnificent rare Australian Sealion & Eyre Peninsula. We have a great range of accommodation to choose from.

The beautiful Australian sea lion (Neophoca cinerea) is the rarest sea lion, or eared seal species in the world with an estimated population at only 10000 - 12000 individuals and declining. 

This species is unique in having abnormal breeding cycles, with colonies varying between a peculiar 5 months and a 17-18 month seasonal breeding cycle, compared to all other seals which fit into an annual 12-month reproductive cycle. 

Although shy on land, this species proves to one of the most friendly playful and photogenic animals in the ocean. It is hard for our expedition members to believe they are actually swimming with real wild animals. Expedition members enjoy swimming with these sea lions on each of the tours at various special locations whenever the weather allows. On nearly all of the Spring, Summer and Autumn itineraries, this absolute treat is probable as well as with the Winter itineraries of 4 days or longer.

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